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United States Navy: Customs & Courtesies
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United States Navy
Material Reference: Customs & Courtesies

Section I.
Chain of Command:

Procedure of communication in which all sailors are required to follow. When a sailor acquires assistance, he/she is required to following the chain of command as follows:

  • Staff Non-Commissioned Officer
  • Warrant Officer
  • Commissioned Officer
  • DNS
  • VCNO
  • CNO
When addressing fellow sailors please use this as a format:
  • Address all Officers higher than you in rank as Sir/Ma'am formally. An example of a formal situation is when reporting.
  • Address all sailors as [Rank] [Name] informally.
Section II.
Attention Procedure:
Sailors will stand one space in front of their seats at attention in the following occurrences:
  • Out ranking officer has entered headquarters past the interior gate.
  • "Attention on Deck!" is called.
  • Remain standing until "Rest," "Carry on," "As you were," is called.
Section III.
Saluting Procedure:
The salute is not simply an honor exchange, it is a privileged gesture of respect. It is done by one single Habbo wave, and is obligated in the following occurrences:

  • Sailors will salute when ordered to report.
  • The Sentry will salute all allied officers.
  • All Sailors will stand saluting during the National Anthem.
Section IV.
Reporting Procedure:
Reporting is used as the method for disciplinary actions as well as promotions. The following steps are to be taken when ordered to report:

  • Walk and stand directly in front of, and facing, the ordering officer.
  • Salute the officer, wait for a returning salute."
  • Say: "Sir/Ma'am, <Rank Name> reporting as ordered, Sir/Ma'am!"
  • When dismissed, salute the officer again, wait for a returning salute.
  • Finally, return to your previous place at attention.
Section V.
Cover Regulations:
Cover is usually worn when being ordered or in participation of Sentry Duty. Cover is also worn by all Recruit Division Commanders and Naval Education and Training Command Officers. Usually When the following occur:

  • Reporting for Active Sentry Duty.
  • Outside of HQ, authorizing and retaining to recruitment.

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