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United States Navy: Rules of Engagement


United States Navy: Rules of Engagement
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United States Navy
Material Reference: Rules of Engagement

The follow Rules of Engagement are incorporated by sections and will govern all personnel. You agree by joining the U.S. Navy to abide by these terms. All persons neglectful to abide by these terms are subject to disciplinary action. Any and all conflicts encouraged with the following sections are to be brought directly to the Chief of Naval Operations (CNO).

Section I: Obey the Habbo Way
As a member of the U.S. Navy and a member of the Habbo Hotel community you are expected to follow and abide to the Habbo Way. You are also required to follow the Terms and Conditions of Habbo Hotel, which you agreed to when you first registered on the hotel. This means that you must be at least 13 years old to be in this military.

Section II: Do not spam, flood or advertise
Spamming, flooding, advertising or any alternative method for recruitment and/or recruitment disruption is strictly prohibited, with the exception of clearance by the VCNO or CNO. By doing any of these activities reflect negatively on the U.S. Navy. This applies to all rooms found on Habbo Hotel. If caught doing so you risk of  a demotion or a possible termination.

Section III: One military job
As a service person of the U.S. Navy you are only entitled to one job. One job includes and is not limited to: militaries, mafias, police forces, "CIAs", role playing, etc. By engaging in another military, one detracts from the progression of the U.S. Navy and its affiliates. The only exception is that of the INT MOS, which needs special permission from the CNO and VCNO.

Section IV: Do not ask for testing, promotions, rights or pay
The Officers of the USN as well as the CNO have a lot of duties and are very busy. Promotions and testing are given on the basis of hard work and dedication to the U.S. Navy and its departments. Asking and/or using other means to obtain a greater rank violates the values of the DoN. Rights are only give to Officers of the U.S. Navy for the purpose of room management.

Section V: Always be fully dressed in uniform/motto/badge when entering the headquarters
In order to show respect, as well as to ensure that the headquarters is running smoothly it is mandatory that you enter the headquarters and the headquarters of allies in full badge, uniform and motto. Lobby camping in the headquarters is strictly prohibited, this includes if the service person is on a leave of absence.

Section VI: All persons are required to make their Habbo homepage, including widgets on the page visible.
For security reasons all personnel of the U.S. Navy are required to have their homepage unblocked. This also required the placement of certain widgets on the homepage:
  • My Profile
  • My Rooms
  • /My Achievements
  • My Friends
  • My Badges

These widgets also must be un-obscured by any medium. Members of the U.S. Navy are also required to "appear online" at all times they are on Habbo.

Section VII: Do not use derogatory language/slander involving negative remarks, race, gender, sexual preference, religion or creed.
In accordance with the Habbo Way it is strictly prohibited to use derogatory language and/or slander to any person on the hotel. Swearing within the headquarters is permitted, but to be kept at a minimum. Excessive swearing may lead to discipline.

Section VIII: Respect all persons
In accordance with the Habbo Way, all persons are to be respected by all others. In an effort to maintain professionalism, any personal issues are to be dealt with outside the U.S. Navy property and work involving the U.S. Navy or its affiliates will be unbiased and respectful at all times.
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