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Office Of Naval Intelligence: Introduction

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Office Of Naval Intelligence: Introduction
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FROM: Deputy Chief of Naval Operations for Integration of Capabilities & Resources (DCNO IR)
TO: Personnel of the United States Navy
SUBJECT: Introduction to the Office Of Naval Intelligence


''The Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) is the leading provider of maritime intelligence to the U.S. Navy and joint warfighting forces, as well national decision makers and other consumers in the Intelligence Community. Established in 1882, ONI specializes in the analysis, production and dissemination of vital, timely and accurate scientific, technical, geopolitical and military intelligence information to key consumers worldwide.''

General Order No. 292 (23 March 1882)
An “Office of Intelligence” is hereby established in the Bureau of Navigation for the purpose of collecting and recording such naval information as may be useful to the Department in time of war, as well as in peace.

To facilitate this work, the Department Library will be combined with the “Office of Intelligence,” and placed under the direction of the Chief of the Bureau of Navigation.

Commanding and all other officers are directed to avail themselves of all opportunities which may arise to collect and to forward to the “Office of Intelligence” professional matters likely to serve the object in view.


ONI is chartered to provide products and services to meet Navy, DoD and national maritime intelligence requirements. ONI works synergistically to produce meaningful intelligence and move that intelligence rapidly to key strategic, operational and tactical decision makers.

  • Prevent criminal or hostile acts against the United States and its people
  • Protect establishment-related population centers and critical infrastructures
  • Minimize damage and expedite recovery from attack
  • Safeguard the establishment and its resources
 Director of National Intelligence, Intelligence Community Core Values:

''ONI is one of 17 executive branch agencies in the nation’s Intelligence Community, which is under the purview of the Director of National Intelligence. The agencies work together and independently to carry out intelligence activities necessary for the conduct of foreign relations and the protection of the national security of the United States.''

i) Collaboration:
As Colleagues, working together as members of a single team. We respect and leverage the diversity of all our people, their backgrounds, their sources and methods, and their points of view.
ii) Courage:
Moral, intellectual, even physical. We have the integrity (indeed, the duty) to seek and speak the truth, to innovate, to change things for the better, regardless of personal or professional risk.
iii) Commitment:
To selfless service in support of our mission. We are committed to excellence in everything we do, as well to preserving, protecting and defending, our laws and liberties.